YoungEun Kim
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Tripartite Confrontation
Directional speaker, stereo speaker, telephone, ventilation cover, photograph
Dimensions and durations variable (unique durations per looped channel)

Three pieces of sound played from unidentified origins in the exhibition space.
This work, which was inspired by Theresa Hak Kyung Cha’s Dictee, is a meditation on the unusual identity of its narrator. The author changes the narrator’s identity arbitrarily throughout nine chapters, without introduction or notice, using the role almost like noise. The changes may shift between Ryu Gwansun (An activist and organizer in the March 1st Movement against Imperial Japanese colonial rule of Korea in South Chungcheong.), a mother, “myself,” and Mother Theresa. However, it is never clear who leads the narrative as the central subject; one voice may evidently express another’s presence, but it is difficult to identify even this voice. This is, perhaps, intentionally devised by the author. It all reminds me of the many mysterious noises in the world, emanating from unknown origins and without reason.

The intermittent, fragmentary sounds heard from the phones and hidden speakers installed within the exhibition space may initially seem like meaningless noises, but they strongly suggest the presence of someone in the background.

01. A phone rings periodically. For anybody who picks up the receiver to answer the phone, the caller remains silent.
02. A whistle that is clearly audible only from a particular spot in the hall.
03. Knocks and thuds coming from behind a frame hanging on the wall.


#1-4 Installation View at Doosan Gallery, Seoul (Photo by Chulki Hong)