YoungEun Kim
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Halo Composition
Speakers, mixed media
Dimensions and durations variable (unique durations per looped channel)

Among the many qualities to consider regarding the voice, I focus on its corporeality—a quality reminding the listener of someone’s bodily presence. Every time I heard the voice of a neighbor passing through our shared walls, I came to imagine the body of this unseen neighbor. A voice can provide much physical and visual information about its bodily source and the space in which it resides. Since the invention of the phonograph, technology and media have progressively separated the voice from its body.

This work reconnects the isolated voice back to a physical body and space. To achieve this, I collected various improvised vocal noises that typically complement the melodic phrases of popular songs. The sounds were then hidden behind or within unremarkable architectural elements found in a common home, such as a closet door or bathroom wall. I entitled the series “Halo Composition,” which reflects the method of arranging the sound sculptures to produce a distinctive rhythmic and textural presence in a given space.

This work was commissioned by HITE Collection in Seoul in 2015


#01-06 Installation View at HITE Collection, Seoul (Photo by Heeseung Chung)

#07 Installation View at Rijksakademie van beeldende kunsten, Amsterdam (Photo by Gert Jan van Rooij)