Bespoke Wallpaper Music
Sound performance series Percussionists, singers, metronome, walkie-talkies, ladders

In “Bespoke Wallpaper Music”, three performance pieces -‘A Concrete Round’, ‘Vertical Canon’ and ‘Casting Quintet’- are presented considering sound and space on the first floor, in the elevator and on the sixth floor of the Solomon Building in Seoul. The Solomon Building possesses unique architectural qualities. In the shape of a fan, the building consists of six stories, and on each floor exist small rooms in layers, as if each room hides other rooms behind it. This performance piece actively utilizes spaces that are thus hidden. They are the small rooms beyond the walls, the veranda circumnavigating the building’s exterior and, lastly, the elevator as a space that hides.

Performers hide themselves in spaces from where they cannot see or touch one another, and continue their performances according to other performers’ faint sounds and the conductor’s remote signals. The audience too, is placed in a situation in which they cannot view the performers, and only through sound can they trace the performers’ positions or imagine and interpret the spaces they inhabit. Therefore, while the performance is in progress, various sound-spaces complexly overlapping are formed, and they are the invisible sound-space layers between performers, another set of spatial sounds in between performers and the audience, and the sound-spaces in the audience’s minds according to their individual, unique imaginings and interpretations.
- Excerpts from exhibition text written by Min Hwa Yun (Full Text)

Performance View at Cake Gallery, Seoul (Photo by Jong Hyun Seo & Video Still by Mee Jee Lee)