YoungEun Kim
Selected Works
Work List

A Story of Oseonbo: Sounds Lost in Translation (2022)
Single-channel video, stereo sound
47 min 5 sec

Brilliant A (2022)
Single-channel video, stereo or multi-channel sound
16 min 56 sec

Ear Training (2022)
Single-channel video, stereo and binaural sound
15 min

To Future Listeners I (2022)
Single-channel video, stereo sound
7 min 58 sec

To Future Listeners II (2022)
Phonograph, wax cylinder
1 min 40 sec

Tearful Twist (2022)
Multi-channel sound installation
5 min loop 

Reference Voice (2021)
3-channel sound installation, scores
dimensions variable
16 min 

Echo Chamber (2020)
Single-channel video, stereo sound
9 min 27 sec

Transcribed Dialogues  (2019)
A4 size, 16 pages, Kor/Eng

Guns and Flowers: Sculpted two love songs #19 (2019)
4 horn speakers, speaker wire, amplifier
dimensions variable
sound: 5 min 30 sec (2:45 min playback, 2:45 min silence)

Flesh of Sound #19 (2019)
speakers, plywood wall, news articles and scores printed on tracing paper, wooden frame
dimensions variable
sound: 5 min

Red Noise Visit (2018)
single-channel video, stereo & binaural sound, 
excerpted news articles and essays, aluminum frame, headphones
dimensions variable
12 min 10 sec

Guns and Flowers (2017)
horn speakers, speaker stands, amplifier
dimensions variable
sound: 4 min

Guns and Flowers (Masses and Thorns) (2017)
floral embossed paper, velvet paper, glitter foam sheet 
31(H)cm x 31(W)cm (x 10)

Jericho Trumpet (2017)
sound: 6 min

Ballad (2017)
sound: 2 min 40 sec

Flesh of Sound (2017)
speakers, plywood wall
dimensions variable
sound: 6 min 12 sec

Some Sounds from Kitchenware (2017)
stereo sound
7 min

Beween Myself and Music (2016)
speakers, playback laptop, wooden wall
dimensions variable
sound: 74 min

$1’s Worth (2016)
3-channel sound installation synchronized with a video & 3 respectively looped videos
3 speakers, 4 monitors, 2 drawings, acoustic foam
dimensions variable
2 hours

Halo Composition (2015)
speakers, mixed media
dimensions and durations variable (unique durations per looped channel)

Casting Trio (2014)
3 voices, 4 walkie-talkies
duration variable depending on number of rooms (suggested: 4 rooms for 15min)

A Concrete Round (2014)
3 percussionists, concrete wall, 3 metronomes
duration variable depending on number of rooms (suggested: 4 rooms for 15min)

Vertical Canon (2014)
2 voices, elevator
duration variable depending on number of floors (suggested: 6 floors for 7min)

Casting Quintet (2014)
5 voices, 6 walkie-talkies
duration variable depending on number of rooms (suggested: 6 rooms for 20min)

Etude for the One-Handed and Blind (2013)
water color on paper, embossment
42(H)cm x 34(W)cm (x 3)

Tripartite Confrontation (2013)
directional speaker, stereo speaker, telephone, ventilation cover, photograph
dimensions and durations variable (unique durations per looped channel)

17 steps from the entrance (2012)
10 speakers, playback laptop
dimensions variable
sound: 12 min

9 Great A (2012)
pen on paper
50(H)cm x 40(W)cm
sound: 1 min 46 sec

Room 402 (2011)
performative sound installation
monitor speakers, vibration speakers, various materials for room keeping, score, usher
1 hour (30 min playback, 30 min intermission)

The Units of the World According to ;Semicolon (2011)
single channel video, stereo sound (originally 12-channel sound), 13 drawings
25 min 54 sec
drawings: watercolor and pen on paper
52(H)cm x 78(W)cm (x 1), 38.5(H)cm x 26(W)cm (x 11), 42(H)cm x 140(W)cm (x 1)

A Corner Revolving Infinitely (2010)
single-channel video, stereo sound
12 min 11 sec

Oral Ground (2009)
single-channel video, stereo sound
5 min 38 sec

Lesson for a Naming Office: Three Treatments (2009)
a collection of three stories for video trilogy
20(H)cm x 13(W)cm, 248p, KR/EN

Why I'm not there where you are (2007)
20 transistor radios, 20 wooden boxes
dimensions variable

Let the DJ be (2006)
2 laptops, stereo speakers, projector, 2 performers
durations variable

Landscape Music Collection (2006)
9 sets of speakers, amplifiers and CD players
dimensions and durations variable (unique durations per song)

Farewell (2005)
2-channel video, stereo sound
2 min 38 sec

Opening Hours (2005)
5 speakers, revolving halogen light, pedestals, food remnants from opening reception
dimensions variable
sound: 5 min

Mother Tongue Monument (2005)
boiled noodle
dimensions variable

Untitled (2005)
line tape drawing on photograph
47(H)cm x 48(W)cm
sound: 3 min

Title To Come (2003/2006)
various musical instruments, scores
durations variable