Landscape Music Collection
9 sets of speakers, amplifiers and CD players
Dimensions and durations variable (unique durations per song)

Landscape Music Collection exhibits an album produced by nine musicians organized by the artist. The nine musicians were propositioned to write songs and given the compositional theme ‘functional music as a backdrop for useful purposes and specific occasions’.

track list:
1. Music for Opening the Bowels, 04’40
2. Mechanical Clockwork for Waking Up from a Midday Nap, 03’20
3. Campaign Song for Lee Jung Heng, a Member of Ward of Donggu, 03’38
4. Little Blinking Marble-Shaped Creatures_Music for Hunger, 08’51
5. New Year’s Song, 04’02
6. For You Who’ve Lost the Night, 04’41
7. Sound for Coping with Stress and Nag, 07’06
8. Fur Elise_Music for Easing the Menstrual Pain, 02’10
9. Romanceless Flowers on the Roundabout, 06’01

Organizer:  YoungEun Kim

Participants: Byungjun Kwon, Nam Yoon Kim, JUNJAYANG, Insung Um, Young Eun Kim, Jae Kwon Kim, Sidore, Yiyunyi, Amoevaa

Installation View at Insa Art Space, Seoul (Photo by YoungEun Kim)